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Essential Werx is created as your first line of defense against what ever the world throws at your skin. Smooth on all  those broken skin injuries like burns, rashes, bites, and stings. Featuring Self-heal, a European herb of the mint family, which has been used for generations to heal wounds.


Deep soothing and healing for open skin wounds, this balm helps fight inflammation and infection while promoting healing tissue. Use on dry, cracked heels; dry skin; insect stings; sunburn; and other skin problems.  


As an herbalist and healer, I developed the Essential Werx to heal open wounds to the skin and body.  A safe and powerful soothing balm used on humans, horses, cats, dogs, and even a lizard or two, when skin is disturbed and inflamed. Essential Werx is a rich infusion of 12 herbs and 6 oils known for powerful but gentle healing of inflammation, scarring, and creation of healthy tissue.


Crafted in small batches in our strawbale studio Essential Werx is 100% organic and uses herbs grown in the Rocky Mountain sunshine. Most of the oils used can be found in your kitchen cabinets used in your cooking.


Sustainability is central to our mission with zero emission shipping offsets, recycling, and ethical business partners.


Hint: this is very important with Essential Werx!  To reduce the possibility of contamination - use the back of your fingernail or a "Q-tip" to scoop salve from the jar. This will minimize the "bugs" getting into the salve.   In any case, use up or discard within 6 months of purchase.


Customer Favorite for over 30 years, Essential Werx is our most popular salve.


Over and over, our customers tell us success stories of the healing power Essential Werx.


Try it and see for yourself, your skin will thank you!



Essential Werx

SKU: 0002
    • Grapeseed oil
    • Sunflower oil
    • Almond oil
    • Beeswax
    • Olive oil
    • Coconut oil
    • Calendula
    • Comfrey leaf
    • Comfrey root
    • Heart's ease
    • Myrrh (ground)
    • Plantain
    • Self-heal
    • Shepard's Purse
    • Saint John’s Wort
    • White willow bark
    • Yarrow flower
    • Yarrow leaf
    • Vitamin E oil
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