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Wise Woman Werx – An introduction

I welcome you to this new beginning blog and company Wise Woman Werx.

With blessings, we get to live until we die. That is the goal of this gathering of like-minded people hungry for more agency over their lives.

Wait a minute! What does that mean?” Agency over your life”? Who talks like that?

One of my favorite bumper stickers is “Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?”

While I really, really do often feel that way, this is the exact opposite of Agency.

You personally create Agency, which means, simply, the freedom to make choices. Agency over your life means having the power to make your own decisions and take actions to achieve your goals. It means feeling in control of your life and being able to influence your own destiny.

Most of us have pressures that keep us from having the power to make decisions like not being independently wealthy or not having a strong perfect body.

–> Umm, yes, I’d like my next Maserati to be purple, please.

Herbs grant you Agency over your life. No, no—hear me out.

Let’s say—You need to eat less salt for your health. Food without salt can be very dull. What fixes dull food? The powerful, enchanting flavors of herbs!

How about—Your child’s asthma gets worse on cleaning day. Using a few very basic herbal and kitchen ingredients, you can create your very own cleaning products that startlingly reduce the airborne chemical load in your house.

Worried about the bees? Growing herbs in your garden are healthy for the bees, for you, and your garden. Companion planting with herbs and flowers brings pollinators to your garden to increase the output of your garden and often drops pest damage to zero.

How about these things for gaining a sense of Agency in your life?

To me, herbs are fundamental to the Agency I have in my life. So many options of things I used to buy are now created in my own home. Many of the common ailments of the human body are soothed and can be healed by herbs. My garden is a powerful force for good in our neighborhood. We give thousands of native pollinators and honeybees a safe, chemical-free seasonal buffet of pollen and nectar for the joy of it.

As I think about how my life trajectory has been, here in what will probably be the last third of my life, a core value of mine has been to teach the process of gaining agency. Maybe just a tiny corner of your life because of the pressures of jobs/bills/family/, a little bit of control where you can seize a moment and make the herbal choice.

This Is one of the goals of Wise Woman Werx. I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your journeys in life.



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